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National Action Plan on Women, Peace & Security Status of implementation in the Far Western Region - Issue 43
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The decade long conflict in Nepal formally came to an end with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement(CPA) on November 21, 2006 commencing the country’s current peace and transition process. The conflict had a severe impact on Nepal’s women and adolescent girls. They were victims of various forms of gender based violence, including acts of sexual violence, discrimination and exploitation. These violations continued to take place also during the ongoing transition period. To address the security concerns specific to women and adolescent girls, and to ensure
meaningful participation of women in all stages of peace-building in the current transition process, the Government of Nepal (GoN) adopted the National Action Plan (NAP) on implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1325 and 1820 in February 2011.
Resolution 13255 on Women, Peace and Security refers to two important issues. It acknowledges the specific gender impact of armed conflicts on women and adolescent girls and asserts the role women and adolescent girls can play in the peace building process. Resolution 18207 on Women, Peace and Security stresses the need to eliminate all forms of violence against all civilians, but particularly women and adolescent girls, during and after an armed conflict. The two resolutions are complementing and reinforcing each other as Resolution 1820 strengthens an area where implementation of Resolution 1325 remains particularly weak, namely
sexual violence prevention and response8. Nepal, as a member state of the United Nations, is accountable for implementation of these resolutions and developed the NAP as its main implementing tool. The NAP is the result of extensive consultations between the GoN, various development partners, UN agencies, civil society organizations and conflict victim groups. It is important to note that Nepal is the first country in South Asia to adopt a NAP on Resolution 1325.
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