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All Party Mechanisms in Kanchanpur and Dadeldhura: Contributing to Local Governance? - Issue No. 25
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The five years term of representatives elected to local bodies expired in July 2002, just three years after the promulgation of the Local Self Governance Act (LSGA)in 1999. Initially, executive authority was
delegated to civil servants whereas political representatives were appointed by royal proclamation in 2005. During the royal regime, municipal elections were held in February 2005 but these were boycotted by the major political parties resulting in a voter turnout of only around 20%. On 7 November 2006 the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoists signed an agreement which
contained a provision to form local bodies. Initially, the Interim Constitution of Nepal (2007) had the same provision as that agreed by the SPA and Maoists. However, this provision was amended on 12 July 2008 and the Interim Constitution’s Article 139 now states that elections shall be conducted to set up local governance bodies, and that the Government of Nepal (GoN) shall form district, municipal and village level bodies with the participation and consensus of active political parties at local level until these elections have been held. Active parties are defined as those represented in the Constituent Assembly (CA) and those parties that filed for candidacy in the respective districts in the CA under first-past-the post elections. All-party mechanisms (APMs) were formed according to the Interim Constitution at district, municipal and VDC level as a transitional arrangement in the absence of elected representatives with the primary objective of providing advice to the civil service.
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