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Nepal: Updates On The Flooding In Seti River Situation Report-04,10 May 2012
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A landslide near Machhapuchhre Mountain in Kaski district triggered a catastrophic flash flood in Seti River, sweeping settlements and breaching the river banks downstream on 05 May 2012 at around 0930 hrs. Kharapani settlement (also known as Tatopani) in Sardikhola Village Development Committee(VDC) and Sadal village in Machhapuchhre VDC are worst hit by the powerful outburst. Total of 26 bodies have been recovered and 51 persons have reportedly been missing as of 10 May 2012. Out of 26 bodies 18 have been identified and handed over to their families and relatives. Five persons who were injured during the incident are now under treatment in hospitals in Pokhara. A total five children were orphaned due the incident. Most of the deceased are pilgrims, people picnicking, locals, tourists and laborers working on sand/stone quarry in the river bank. The worst hit area of Kharapani/Tatopani is some 40 km north from Pokhara valley and Sadal village is further two and half hours walking distance from there.

UNOCHA ,   (2012 )
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