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ASHA: Adaptation For Smallholders In Hilly Areas - Final Project Design Report
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Building on the successes of previous IFAD assisted projects, both in terms of community development, agriculture production and environmental protection in Nepal, the Adaptation for Smallholders in Hilly Areas (ASHA) Project, with the support of the Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP) funds, aims at strengthening the adaptive capacity of communities and institutions to better contend with climate change risks in 6 to 10 districts during the next 6 years. IFAD’s ASAP, a global grant fund currently engaged in 22 countries, is dedicated to supporting the adaptation of poor smallholder farmers’ production systems to climate change (CC). Through public and private processes the ASAP supports building climate resilience of watersheds, capacity to withstand climate related hazards, and mainstreaming CC risk management in development planning processes among others. The ASAP thus aligns with Government of Nepal (GoN) programmes to significantly reduce vulnerability and enhance adaptive capacities of local communities, while building government’s capacity to accommodate global CC and environment financing. The ASAP also provides the opportunity to leverage both current and planned funding from Nepal's allocation under IFAD's Performance-Based Allocation System (PBAS) through improving the resilience of IFAD's investments to CC.
IFAD ,   (2014 )
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