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Evaluation of the Effects of Climatic Factors on the Occurrence of Diarrhoeal Diseases and Malaria: A Pilot Retrospective Study in Jhapa District, Nepal - Techincal report
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Human-induced climate change significantly amplifies the likelihood of heat waves, increasing the possibility of heat strokes, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. More variable precipitation patterns are likely to compromise the supply of freshwater, increasing risks of water-borne diseases like cholera, and outbreaks of diarrohea diseases. Rising temperatures and variable precipitation are likely to decrease the production of staple foods in
many of the poorest regions, increasing risks of malnutrition. Meeting increasing energy demands by greater use of fossil fuels will add to the number of respiratory disorders, such as asthma. The increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events will translate into loss of life, injuries and disability. Changes in climate are likely to lengthen the transmission season of important vector-borne diseases (like dengue and malaria) and to alter their geographic range, potentially reaching regions that lack either
population immunity or a strong public health infrastructure. Rising sea levels increase the risk of coastal flooding, and may lead to displacements of population.
WHO ,   (2010 )
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