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90,000 refugees from Bhutan resettled
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A major landmark was reached today when the 90,000th refugee from Bhutan departed from Nepal on resettlement. Eleven-year-old Suman Tamang left Kathmandu for Toronto, Canada, accompanied by his parents and younger brother. When they arrive in Toronto on Wednesday they will meet Suman’s aunt and cousin who were resettled three years ago. The resettlement of refugees from Bhutan began in 2007. To date, over 5,800 refugees from Bhutan have been resettled in several communities across Canada, including Charlottetown, Saint-Jérôme,
Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, among others. The other resettlement countries are Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The majority of refugees have been resettled in the United States - over 75,000 people.
IOM, UNHCR ,   (2014 )
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