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IFAD Signs US$ 7.6 Million Loan And US$ 7.6 Million Grant For High - Value Agriculture Project In Nepal
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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) works with poor rural people to enable them to grow and sell more food, increase their incomes and determine the direction of their own lives. Since 1978, IFAD has invested over US$12billion in grants and low-interest loans to developing countries, empowering more than 350 million people to break out of poverty.The project will have an innovative approach to market-led value chain development, using the entrepreneur as the starting point rather than the producer. In addition, it will generate a range of benefits both from the value chain development itself and from supporting activities.
IFAD ,   (2010 )
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 IFAD : International Fund for Agricultural Development
04.01.01  -  Agricultural Economics And Policy; Rural Sociology
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