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This document specifies a strategic human resource (HR) plan of action for the health sector over the next fourteen years (2003-2017). It is based on a draft plan produced in the year 2000 and subsequently reviewed by the Ministry of Health. The plan has been updated to converge with the changing situation in Nepal and improved with the use of more accurate and more comprehensive information than was available during the preparation of the draft strategic plan. The HR strategic plan is intended to accomplish three things. These are:
a. to specify the direction of growth of development of HR
b. to specify outline HR objectives for the medium term which provide a framework for short-term plan development; and
c. to identify short-term actions and, in particular, policy actions which are needed for the MOH to proceed towards the medium-term future.
The document is intended in the first place, therefore, for the Secretary of Health, Director General and senior officers of the MOH. It provides them with a picture of the implications for health human resources in terms of training, recruitment, deployment and management to meet the medium-term objectives. The document begins with an analysis of the existing and projected future population characteristics, together with a description of the current profile of the health service and its human resources.Population is expected to grow from its current level of 24 million to just over 33 million over the fourteen-year period of the plan, with birth rates dropping slightly from 34 per 1,000 to 27 per 1,000 but with the population growth rate staying approximately constant at 2.25% per annum. In this period, the urban population is expected to grow from its current level of 12% to 20% of the total population.
GoN, UNFPA ,   (2003 )
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