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PPPUE Annual Progress Report 2002
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The rapid proliferation of urban enclaves across Nepal has sharply increased the demand for basic urban services while simultaneously rendering a negative impact on the urban environment itself. Because municipalities are severely hamstrung due to insufficient funds and capabilities to deliver on such demands,alternative means are being sought, particularly those which will significantly increase the level and scale of services available to the poor. With the promulgation of the Local Self-Governance Act 1999, municipalities have been entrusted to manage their own urban areas. The problem, however, is that of inefficient organizational and management practices combined with inadequate and insufficient human resources. These factors have contributed to intensified interest expressed by His Majesty's Government of Nepal in involving the private sector in upgrading and extending the level of services. Nepal has limited experience with PPPs and hence there exists substantial skepticism among the various stakeholders preventing the effective and smooth use of this development modality. Although Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are increasingly being used as a development option the world over, Nepal has only limited experience in this regard and as such the benefits and advantages of PPP activity have yet to be fully appreciated. Experiences from some South East Asian countries have revealed that in the context of developing countries, Public Private Partnerships can significantly contribute to fulfilling development objectives. Public Private Partnership initiatives thus need to be encouraged and efforts should be directed to ensure sustainable and viable partnerships. The PPPUE Global Facility of UNDP has selected Nepal as one of three countries in the developing world to conduct a National Programme on PPPUE. The programme was launched on 25th March 2002.
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PPPUE/UNDP ,   (2002 )
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