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PPPUE Annual Progress Report 2003
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For PPPUE Nepal, the year 2003 has primarily been about further strengthening, augmenting and extending the foundation upon which public private partnership activity in the area of urban service in based. There have been concerted and broad-based effort throughout the year towards this end and through which various achievements have been obtained.
Firstly,the idea of public private partnership is a more or less novel one in the context of Nepal and thus numerous obstacles and constraints were encountered along the way,in many cases on account of certain organization and actors who will continue to be responsible for initiation and execution of PPP activity. Secondly and very much related to the first issue,was our determination that instead of a "trial and error"approach,it would be infinitely more worth while(via direct intervention) to ensure that success is obtained with minimal difficulty and with as few set-backs as possible. To address and resolve these various issues,PPPUE organized an abundance of tanning session,orientation, interaction events and workshop during the year 2003.
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PPPUE/UNDP ,   (2003 )
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14.05.03  -  Social Development
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