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PPPUE Annual Progress Report 2002 - Programe Partners - 02
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Nepal began development activities on a formally planned basis in the mid-fifties. Since then various government agencies have subsequently been created to facilitate development activities. In this context the Department of Local Development was created under the then Home & Panchayat Ministry in 1971. The Department was upgraded to Ministry status in 1980 (it is now referred to as the Ministry of Local Development). This ministry is responsible for supervising the 58 municipalities (and District Development Committees and Village Development Committees), in addition to determining which towns are classified as municipalities. The Secretary (a position equivalent to Chief Executive) is deputed in municipalities from the Ministry. Together these staffs are responsible for administration, such as authorizing payments above a certain limit and for ensuring that the municipality follows correct procedures (as specified in the Local Self-Governance Act of 1999 and the Rules and Regulations attached to the Act). The Executive Officer is an important person within the municipality and will necessarily be involved in any PPP agreement. Finally, MLD manages payment and disbursement of the Local Development Fee to municipalities, which is in fact a grant that was agreed to in lieu of the loss of municipal income when the previous tax of octroi was abolished in 1998. As a focal point for a number of donor-led local development programmes, the Ministry has vast experience in the areas of good governance, decentralization, and poverty alleviation. Because the Ministry has only limited experience in PPPs gleaned from recent initiatives of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City,senior representatives of MLD welcome the Programme and see it as an opportunity to improve their supervisory function of municipalities. The preparation of standard procedures that could be published in the form of a manual/guideline would greatly assist the Ministry in this role.
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PPPUE/UNDP ,   (2002 )
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14.05.03  -  Social Development
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