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Decentralized Local Governance Support Programme is designed on the basis of lessons learnt from the PDDP, LGP, PBPP and other local governance programmes in order to continue the activities initiated by earlier programmes, in an effective and efficient way to enhance the capacity fo local bodies and socioeconomic status of rural people. DLGSP is being implemented by HMG/N with the assistance of UNDP and Norway. Ministry of Local Development has been designated as executing agency of DLGSP. DLGSP seeks to continue the support in poverty alleviation efforts through Village Development Programme (VDP) based on social mobilization by introducing pro-poor and positive discriminatory policy to address the issues of social exclusion of Dalit and DAG including women. The Programme aims to enhance the capacity of local bodies by adopting capacity development strategy to identify the capacity gaps in the area of planning, monitoring, strategic management of devolved sectors, financial management, information system, revenue generation, human resource development and ability in establishing linkage with the development partners. At policy level, the Programme aspires to extend support to MLD/ NPC in organizational reorientation, monitoring, GIS consolidation and policy research on decentralization and poverty alleviation. It focuses on capacity building of local bodies and central level agencies in making operational devolved sector and effective service delivery at the grass roots level with strong emphasis on improving livelihood and empowering ultra poor ethnic minorities and women. The overall goal of the Programme is to enhance effective and meaningful participation of people in the local governance process ensuring improved access to socio-economic services by rural poor, particularly women, Dalit, and disadvantaged groups.
HMG, MLD/UNDP/Norway ,   (2004 )
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14.05.03  -  Social Development
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