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Nepal is at a crucial, formative point in time. Following a civil war, people’s movement and overthrowing of the monarchy, it is now taking its final steps towards becoming a new secular and federal democratic republic. While this stage of political transition has led to much instability and insecurity,it is also a unique opportunity to make positive changes. Strengthening women’s political participation is crucially important because it will strengthen and enrich the democracy, and bring Nepal closer to having a society that is just, equal and respectful of all its citizens.
Across the world and in Nepal, women suffer structural disadvantage in all spheres of life. From health to education, to economic situation and rights: on the whole women tend to be worse off than men. Women do not form a uniform group. They come from diverse backgrounds, belong to different communities and do not always agree with each other. But, to some extent, all of them are expected to conform to ideas society has about what a woman should and should not, can and cannot do. Often,these views are unfavorable and discriminatory towards women. For example, they are expected to carry out hard, menial, unpaid labor in the house and on the land, while their brother is groomed for a respected, influential, well-paying job. Consider for example that in Nepal, of employed women, 60.8 percent receive no remuneration for their work. Among men, this number was only 11.9 percent. Of the women, only 23.5 percent were reimbursed for their work entirely in cash, against 65.5 percent of men. No matter how talented and ambitious, women tend to have the odds against them in opportunities and life prospects, because of the simple fact of being a woman.
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