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“Nearly One-Quarter of the Population Lives on Less than USD 1 per Day”
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Nepal suffers from chronic food insecurity, severe and recurrent natural disasters, poor health and sanitation infrastructure, and water and energy scarcity. These factors combined with political instability and civil unrest result in a dire humanitarian situation for Nepal’s already vulnerable population. The country’s long-running civil conflict (1996-2006) severely outstretched the coping mechanisms of affected families. Additional external shocks, such as floods, droughts, pandemics or rising food prices, could have catastrophic consequences for Nepal if support mechanisms are not provided. Currently,3.4 million people in Nepal are highly to severely food insecure and approximately 28 000 children under the age of five die each year from easily preventable illnesses. Over 50 percent of districts are food-deficit and nearly one-quarter of the population lives on less than USD 1 per day. The cost of staple food items in Nepal today is as high or higher than at the peak of the international food crisis in August 2008. However, Government expenditure on agriculture has fallen to just 5 percent of the 2008 budget. Further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis, political instability has disrupted governmental proceedings and limited investment, job creation and exports, while continued strikes have impacted the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
FAO ,   (2010 )
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