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CROP SITUATION UPDATE - Joint Assessment Mission of 2013 Summer Crops and Outlook of 2013/14 Winter Crops.
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1. The 2013 summer crop (paddy, maize, millet, and buckwheat) output was estimated at 7.67 million metric tons (mt), an increase of 12.10 percent compared to last year and 11.90 percent compared to the five-year average or ‘normal’ level.
2. Out of the total summer crop production of 7.67 million mt, the production of paddy, maize, millet, and buckwheat was estimated at 5.04 million mt, 2.3 million mt, 0.30 million mt, and 0.010 million mt respectively. Compared to the normal level, the largest production gain was observed in maize (13.80 percent) followed by paddy (11.74 percent), buckwheat (7.22 percent), and millet (0.33 percent).
3. Adequate and timely rainfall coupled with better availability of fertilizers is considered the key reason for increased production in 2013. Average rainfall during July-September 2013 was the largest in the last five years and was recorded at 115 percent of the normal level.
4. A majority (96 percent) of the summer crop output comes from paddy and maize. The largest crop output was from the eastern region (2.16 million mt) followed by the central and western regions. Jhapa and Bhojpur are the largest paddy and maize producing districts with their respective production estimated at 365 thousand mt and 124 thousand mt.
5. Despite aggregate production increases, some districts (especially Dhanusa, Bhaktapur, Kavre, and Jumla) observed localized production drops in paddy. In Dhanusa, 19 Village Development Committees (VDCs) incurred a production loss of 56,000 mt due to a dry spell.
6. In Kavre and Bhaktapur 2,200 ha of paddy was infected by Neck Blast and Bacterial Leaf Blight as some hybrid varieties, DY-69, DY 28, and DY 18, recommended for the Terai, could not adapt to the local agro-ecological conditions. In Bhaktapur alone, crop damage was estimated at NPR 97 million.
7. The value of cereal imports during the first four months (July-October) of the Nepali Fiscal Year 2070/71 stood at 4.7 billion NPR, a marginal drop compared to the same period last year. With an import value of 2.4 billion NPR, rice occupies the largest share (51 percent) in total cereal imports.
8. As estimated by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) global cereal production increased by 8.4 percent and stood at 2,500 million metric tons (710.8 million mt of wheat, 1294.8 million mt of coarse grains, and 494.2 million mt of milled rice).
9. In India, according to the first advance estimate, the 2013 Kharif crop output was 129.32 million mt, marginally higher compared to last year. Production of paddy, however, has declined marginally.
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