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Agriculture plays an important role in meeting the basic needs of the majority of people in developing countries and Nepal is no exception. Agriculture sector has more than one third contribution to total Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of Nepal. Central bureau of statistics (CBS) is a sole organization to collect and disseminate the agricultural statistics especially by conducting National Agriculture Census since 1961/62. The sixth, National Agriculture Census 2011/12 has followed the broad guideline of FAO document for World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010. A new element “community questionnaire” has also been administered to collect infrastructure data of community in each selected ward. The sampling design adopted for the census was a stratified two stage sampling with district as strata, either an individual ward or a sub-ward or a group of contiguous wards as the primary sampling units (PSUs), and agricultural holdings as the ultimate sampling units (USUs). Around 2500 staff comprising of District Agriculture officers, supervisors, enumerators and others were deployed to carry out the field work of census. AM/FM Radio, Television, Newspapers and others means of media were used for publicity in agricultural census. Stringent quality control measures were taken in every step of survey by trying to reduce sampling error and non sampling error, imparting of proper training, strict supervision at every stage of fieldwork, data entry and processing. The census questionnaire being highly technical and somewhat complex, extensive classroom and field-level training were imparted to all levels of staffs which were to take part in the census operation. Exchange of experience on issues that came up during the field level training was very helpful in resolving issues beforehand. Statistical reports of Agriculture census at national and district level shall be published by May, 2013.
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