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Impact Assessment of Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP)
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Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP) is a flagship enterprise promotion programme of the Government of Nepal(GON) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It completes 12 years in December 2010,and has been implemented in three phases. It has promoted over 40,000 businesses over these years,spread over 35 districts. As a stand-alone micro-enterprise development initiative, it was initiated in July 1988. MEDEP aims at poverty reduction through the creation and development of microenterprises owned and operated by low income poor families, majority of whom,are rural women. This programme is currently getting assistance from the UNDP and AUSAID.
MEDEP Phase I (1998-2003) demonstrated that the market-oriented, integrated approach
(potential entrepreneur selection and training, skills training, micro-finance, market linkage and promotion), in partnership with existing government and private sector institutions, provides an effective and cost-effective approach to developing relatively large numbers of sustainable micro-enterprises among the poor. Phase II (2004-2008) assumed that the integrated approach is effective and even more essential when one targets persons whose social and/or economic situations put them in even more restricted, poor, and vulnerable conditions. At the end of the third phase, the MEDEP has reached to 36 districts and facilitated more than 42,000 micro-enterprises cumulatively.
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MEDEP/UNDP ,   (2010 )
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