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Although urbanisation is a relatively new phenomenon in Nepal and only about 15 percent of the total population lives in urban areas, the rate of urbanisation is very high resulting into 50 percent of the population in urban areas by 2035. The rapid and haphazard urban growth is exerting immense pressure on urban environment and municipal managers often do not have sufficient expertise and resources to deal with this issue. In this context, urban sanitation has become a major challenge for municipalities and small towns in Nepal. Although data shows that about 80 percent of urban households have access to some kind of toilets, wastes from these toilets are not well managed. Only 12 percent of urban households are connected to the sewer systems and even where sewer systems exist, wastewater treatment is almost non-existent. In the area of solid waste management, studies show that more than half the waste generated is not collected and almost all of the collected waste is disposed in a haphazard manner along riverbanks or in forest areas. Only 45 percent of urban residents are served by waste collection systems.
The main objective of the workshop is to raise awareness among policy makers at the central and municipal level on the issues of urban sanitation and initiate action in this sector.

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