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Social Protection for People in the Informal Economy of Nepal
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Nepal's deteriorating economy, its political infrastructures, the continued impacts of neo-liberal economic policies, has left very few options for the provision of effective social and health security. The authors of this study are of the opinion that a border perspective on social protection, one that aims at extending security mechanism to include the entire working populations, and particularly the informal economy, is fast becoming essential. This study is intended to provide an analysis of the scope of various social protection schemes which addresses the need of vulnerable and excluded groups of people and recommendations for the development of more effective social protection mechanism with a specific focus on unprotected workers on informal economy.
The study locates an assessment of social protection mechanisms in the specific social,political and economic context of contemporary Nepal. And it gives a conceptual overview of social security and social protection in relation to current debates in the international policy arena; and attempts an analysis of risk and vulnerability in Nepal’s informal economy.
To this end, the authors identify 15 vulnerable, socially and economically excluded, groups that are considered to be in most urgent need of enhanced protection. They include landless agricultural workers; home based workers and women workers in the informal economy,migrant workers and people at high risk from HIV/AIDS, workers in the construction industry,the disabled, and child labourers. The study outlines the demographic and economic characteristics of each group, gives an indication of their basic needs, and the impact of existing social protection provisions.
ILO ,   (2004 )
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