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UN Newsletter - Vol. 82 (Jan-Feb 2021)
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This is the 82th Volume of UN Newsletter Nepal,January-February 2021. This newsletter consists of following headlines:

• Sara Beysolow Nyanti Appointed United Nations Resident Coordinator in Nepal.
• From RC’s Desk.
• Nepal:WFP Laptops Charge Hopes Among Girls Returning to School.
• Gearing Towards Eliminating Violence and Harassment in the Work-Place in Nepal.
• UNHCR Damak Sub-office in Eastern Nepal, Province 1 Closed.
• Holocaust Education and Remembrance in Nepal.
• Meet Four Deputy Mayors and Learn About Their Inspiring Journey to Becoming Women Leaders in Nepal.
• IOM Seeks Recommendations from Civil Society Organizations to Ensure Migrants’ Voices are Heard Better.
• This is What Leadership Looks Like: Laxmi Badi, a Dalit Woman Leader From Nepal, Fights Inequality Every Day.
• Turning Fear into Confidence.
• Ensuring Adolescents Continue to Learn About Sexual and Reproductive Health Amid COVID-19.
• Photo stories of UNHCR support to refugees and host communities in the context of the COVID crisis in 2021.
• A Sense of Security.
• Nepali Audio Journalists Engage in Webinar on "Science behind COVID-19".
• Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues at Provincial and Central Levels on “Draft of National Volunteering Policy, 2077”.


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