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The productive abilities of citizens are the real assets of a country. With right skill sets, even countries without significant natural endowment succeed to attain high level of development and prosperity. Nepal Human Development Report 2014 ‘Beyond Geography, Unlocking Human Potential,’ traverses a field that has not been fully explored before, namely, variation in productive abilities of different regions, households and individuals. For the first time in almost a decade, the report also provides a wealth of data and information on human development at the district level based on the 2011 population Census and other relevant surveys. The Report comes at a time when the country is making efforts to move out of an extended political transition and has envisioned graduating from a least developed to a developing country by 2022.
The Report presents rigorous statistical analysis across space and time, using the available national data. The large statistical database created in the process, can be used by the Government and other development stakeholders to formulate policies and judicious budget allocations to sectors, regions, districts and socio-economic groups. The Report shows that the pattern of regional inequalities in human development as well as productive abilities remains entrenched, but there are indications that the gaps may be narrowing.
To reduce the inequalities further, the rate of economic growth has to be enhanced without compromising the essential quality of equality and equity. The Report suggests that fusing of the two dimensions may be relevant in setting a federal development agenda that facilitates a multi-pronged approach to raising productive ability which can ensure sustainable human development.
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UNDP ,   (2014 )
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