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Wash Cluster Nepal Earthquake Contingency Plan
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This plan for the WASH cluster Earthquake Contingency Plan has been developed based upon the earthquake scenario prepared by OCHA after agreement with the Nepal Country IASC. The rationalization for the plan is to ensure that the WASH cluster is able to respond with maximum efficacy to water, sanitation and hygiene needs following a major earthquake in the Kathmandu Valley of magnitude 8.0 or greater. Following the contingency planning process that took place in 2008, a multi-hazard risk contingency plan was developed for the WASH Cluster. A further workshop was held on 26-27th March 2008 to develop a more detailed contingency plan for the earthquake scenario. The workshop was attended by a range of WASH stakeholders including government, national and international NGOs, Red Cross, and UN agencies. At the workshop itwas agreed among participants that the contingency planning process should be continuous and that it would be agreeable to meet regularly to further preparedness.As two earthquake simulation exercises are being planned in April 2009, it was also decided that it would be a good opportunity to update plans before they are tested. In Mid April a cluster testing earthquake simulation is being planned through IASC; and at the end of April a regional simulation is being planned through INSARAG with wide participation from government and other actors.

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