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Overview of Situation of Children and Women in Nepal: The Life Cycle
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The condition of a pregnant woman influences the survival of her unborn child. Although girls in Nepal are not legally entitled to marry before the age of 18 years, many are married by the age of 14 or 15 years. The median age at first marriage is 16.6 years. Early marriage is most common in rural areas and in the terai. Young women usually start to bear children soon after they are married, which means that some mothers are barely more than children themselves and have yet to reach full physical maturity. In addition,
many women are smaller than they should be, because they suffered from
malnutrition during their own childhood. These conditions are known to increase the risk of complications during delivery, and can result in the deaths of both mothers and children.
UNICEF ,   (2007 )
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08.01.00  -  Population Dynamics
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