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Enabling environment for sustainable enterprises in Nepal
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The 96th session of the International Labour Conference, held in Geneva in 2007, adopted conclusions for the promotion of sustainable enterprises and identified 17 elements of an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises. An environment conducive to the creation and growth of sustainable enterprises combines the legitimate quest for profit with the need for development that respects human dignity, environmental sustainability, and decent work. In that context, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (hereafter referred to as Nepal) is one of the countries that implemented the Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE) process that was developed as the ILO flagship programme following the conclusion of the Conference. The initiative will contribute to the economic reform undertaken by the Government of Nepal.
During this process, the tested EESE methodology was applied – to collect and analyse all the necessary data and to present a report on the findings. In accordance with the methodology, focus groups were organised to identify the most important pillars for in-depth analysis. With the support of external researchers, and using the EESE questionnaire, a survey was conducted among 622 employers from the six districts, viz., Kathmandu, Kaski, Rupandehi, Banke, Chitwan, and Morang. Based on the EESE methodology, there are four main segments analysed in this report: political, economic, social, and environmental elements. Tripartite constituents selected six countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, and Uganda) as comparator countries for Nepal.
This report synthesizes the findings of the enterprise perception survey, data collection, and a literature review, assessing the enterprise environment against 17 key elements for enabling sustainable enterprises.
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