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The Inter-Agency Common Feedback Project, referred to as the Common
Feedback Project (CFP), is an innovative community engagement project,
initiated during the response to the Nepal Earthquake 2015. It is funded
by UK Aid, and is based in the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, enabling
a strategic connection with humanitarian response and recovery.
CFP is designed to help the humanitarian and recovery communities
understand the perceptions of affected people relating to services,
respondents’ sense of agency, outcomes and the quality of relations
between aid providers and the affected population. CFP is a common
service to collect, aggregate, analyze and elevate feedback from disaster
affected communities, which can then be used by humanitarian partners.
Feedback is collected through a variety of ways, including:
• Community perception surveys
• Focus group discussions
• Aggregation of 3W feedback from partner organizations
The objective of CFP is to ensure that the voices of affected people
systematically feed into humanitarian response and recovery, to
contribute to a more effective and responsive recovery effort. It provides
support to the entire UN Country Team and the Humanitarian Country
Team (HCT), including all clusters and organizations, the Government
of Nepal, donors, development partners, civil society and other actors,
to help them understand the issues of affected communities in real
time. Consequently, CFP can assist these actors to adapt policies and
programmes to strengthen the effectiveness of recovery work to the
specific circumstances and concerns of communities, as well as improve
communication with affected people.
The project’s model has since been incorporated into Emergency Response
Preparedness planning endorsed by the national government and the UN
system. In addition, as a response to the historic flooding across Nepal
in summer 2017, CFP was able to expand its work into the flood affected
districts due to the continued generosity of UK Aid. In 2017, the project
received an additional grant from the UN Development Group to pilot its
innovative approach to systematic community engagement in the least
developed regions of Nepal on key development priorities. As such,
CFP’s mandate has expanded, now encompassing the entire humanitarian
development cycle: response, recovery, development and preparedness.
CFP is one of the first projects of its kind. Its mandate closely aligns with
the future direction of the humanitarian system, particularly the Grand
Bargain as it is directly related to the participant revolution.
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 UNDP : Social and Institutional Developoment
14.05.04  -  Welfare And Social Services
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