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Nepal is a developing country with agriculture as its main economy, having 66 % of its people directly engaged in farming. Agriculture contributes to 36% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Fruits and vegetables are an important sub-sector in Nepal and contributes to roughly 15% of total agriculture produce. In spite of Nepal being an agricultural country, roughly 31% of fruits and vegetables sold by Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market, Kathmandu’s major hub for fruits and vegetables are imported from various countries, including India.

Although the demands for fruits and vegetables is increasing in Kathmandu, there is a huge difference between vegetable farm gate price and the retailer price due to the presence of various layers of market players and middlemen in the supply chain. These middlemen earn exorbitant margins at every stage of the distribution chain, leaving very little for the smallholder farmers and the final consumers end up paying hefty prices for the produce.This project aims to establish and operationalize cooperative market chain of vegetables and fruits to increase farmers’ income and other livelihood opportunities, which in turn will contribute to the poverty reduction in Nepal.
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