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Multi-sector Nutrition Plan For Accelerated Reduction of Maternal and Child Under-nutrition in Nepal 2013-2017 Government of Nepal National Planning Commission 2012 Forty-one per cent of children in Nepal suffer from chronic malnutrition (DHS, 2011). The process of stunting occurs between the conception period and two years of age, and is irreversible afterwards. Furthermore, the population of Nepal, especially ...
GON, UN, (2012)
United Nations Children’s Fund Regional Office for South Asia GETTING TO THE ROOTS - Mobilizing community volunteers to combat Vitamin A Deficiency Disorders in Nepal For every child Health, Education, Equality, Protection ADVANCE HUMANITY Behind the endless vistas of its stunning Himalayan snow peaks lay a malady that had slithered around Nepal for centuries until the new millennium dawned. It tormented a number of people even though the symptom, common and ephemeral, was deemed an in...
UNICEF, (2003)