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Buddha Jayenti in UN House 2011 From left to right: Mr. Prem Lal Chitrakar, Mr. Ram Babu Shah, Venerable Jnanapurnika Mahasthavir, Venerable Penzola, Mr. Lalit Ratna Bajracharya, praying in an 2555th Buddha Jayenti event inside UN house, Pulchowk on the date of 16th May, 2011. #Ra...
UNIC, (2011)
Buddha Jayenti in UN House 2011 Venerable Jnanapurnika Mahasthavir, lighting the diyo and pallas inside UN House, Pulchowk on the occasion of Buddha Jayenti on 16th of May, 2011. #JnanapurnikaMahasthavir #BudhhaJayenti #UNHouse #Photo #2011...
UNIC, (2011)