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Press meet: The International Day of the Commemoration of the Victims of Holocaust
1/24/2017 4:30:13 PM

KATHMANDU, 24 January: The International Day of the Commemoration of the Victims of Holocaust will be jointly marked by the UN, the Embassy of Israel, the German Embassy and the Delegation of the European Union to Nepal amidst a programme on 27 January. The event will consists of a tribute to the six million people who perished in the Holocaust. This will be followed by a theatre performance by One World Theatre titled “The Diary of Anne Frank” directed by Deborah Merola. The Theatre will also be staged at Yalamaya Kendra at Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur on 2, 3 and 4 February.

The UN theme for Holocaust remembrance for this year is “Holocaust Remembrance: Educating for a Better Future.” This theme underscores the universal dimension of Holocaust education as an appropriate platform for building respect for human rights, increasing tolerance and defending our common humanity. The Holocaust was a defining point in history and its lessons have much to teach about the danger of extremism and the prevention of genocide today.

The Diary of Anne Frank is based on the published diaries of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who went into hiding with her family and another Jewish family and acquaintance, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. They stayed in the upper floor of a back building of Mr. Frank’s business, which Anne called “The Secret Annex”, helped by loyal Dutch employees. Anne faithfully kept a diary, a gift for her 13th birthday, for the two years and a month they were in hiding. The diary abruptly ends in August 1944 when the families were discovered and deported to Nazi concentration camps. Anne’s diary was discovered by their Dutch friends, kept safe and given to Otto Frank after the war; he was the only survivor of the eight Jews in hiding. The Diary of Anne Frank was opened in New York City in 1955, only ten years after Anne’s death. She has become a symbol of all the young people whose lives were cut short in the Nazi death camps.

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