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Leaving No One Behind: Sanjiya’s Journey as a UNIC Intern
10/31/2018 1:09:40 PM

A moment of bliss came over in a jiffy when one of my co-intern said that “I, she (Sanjiya) and Ajit need to handle the things around now." When this responsibility hit my ear drum, it really became music to my ears. General people praise us and tries to motivate us with high extent which make us feel that nothing is impossible for us to achieve anything we desire of. But, when it comes to performing a task, they seem very incredulous in our ability. They only think of our “dis-ability” rather than “this-ability” that we really possess.


I cannot see. So, what? I can still hear, feel and smell the things around. These abilities are enough for me to complete a task. May not be the same way as other do but, I can do same things differently. UNIC assigned me for content development. My focus was only in textual document such as: reports, newsletters, press release and any other files in PDF. I listen to the text on screen and run down my fingers over the keyboard and work in documents and edit/analyze them. Till date, I have edited and uploaded approximately 1000 and more documents on the UNIC website.

UNIC team as a whole helped me muddle through different hurdles on the way. I still remember those days during my window period. My co-interns had already been working their fingers to the bone. As I was delayed to join the internship, one of the female co-interns helped me know the things around. She taught me the system and working pattern as well as erudite my roles and duties to perform. A male co-intern worked up his sweat to aid me to get access to the computer. The software took long time to install. Thank god it did; because of that, we got chance to converse and know one another better.

My internship in UNIC was an exciting journey filled with the quest of learning and exploring new ideas and information. I am the very first intern with visual disability who had successfully worked in UNIC. To explain further, UNIC team had assessed me, my ability and created a compatible surroundings where I could easily adapt and carry out my duties.

life has taught me a beautiful lesson that is to endure the pain and face every challenges as an examination which further aids you to learn something new and grow better. Problems are part and partial of human life and solution to them is to face, fight and fathom.

Ms. Sanjiya Shrestha (L) with her colleague Ms. Rohini Lama. 

(L) Ms. Naziya Samada, Ms. Rohini Lama and Ms. Sanjiya Shrestha

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