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Internship Experience in UNIC (Videos)
4/3/2019 2:19:48 PM

Experience Sharing by interns of UN Digital Library in Nepal






1) Experience of UN Digital Library in Nepal | Anjana Shrestha

Anjana Shrestha, who is currently pursuing master degree in development studies, shared her experience partaking in UNIC as an intern in 2014. She remarks an implication of UN Digital Library has benefited her in many ways throughout her journey of acquiring knowledge. Further, she recommended students, academician and developmental workers to use un.info.np to study about works of the UN in Nepal. UN Digital Library is also available in mobile application that can be installed from Google PlayStore, "UN in Nepal"


2) Experience of UN Digital Library in Nepal | Yaso Hangma Rai and Manisha Kumari

"We didn't stop even in crisis"
When Nepal was in crisis of devastating earthquake on April 2015, Yaso Hangma Rai and Manisha Kumari, worked as an Intern in UNIC. Formal interns, shared their experiences working with UNIC in crisis. They didn't stop even in crisis. They contributed innovative idea of information sharing of earthquake status through UN digital library which made them confidence working for good cause preserving institutional knowledge. Their tenure in UN information centre and hard work helped them significantly, Yaso hangma Rai is working in SOS Bal Garm as scholarship assistance and Manisha kumari is in fellowship with an organization, Teach for Nepal. They shared about their work of UN Digital library and recommended all for public information of the UN in Nepal.


3) Experience of UN Digital Library in Nepal | Mobile App Developers

In this fast paced technological era, the smart phones as well as the mobile apps have been evolving and is mostly used tools by everyone. Considering the age of mobile tech and mobile apps, them four enthusiastic youths, Bikash paneru, Lawa Gautum, Anamol Dhakal and Kush Gautum, worked as an intern in UN Information Centre Kathmandu (UNIC) as a mobile app developer. They made a great contribution in developing mobile app “UN in Nepal” which can be easily downloaded from Google play store. Their contribution in developing mobile app has helped users of digital library to get UN publication easily.

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