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Interview: "I am learning from every moment working here" - UN Information Centre Nepal Interns
6/8/2017 4:18:30 PM

26 May, UN House Kathmandu –

Unlike other mornings, interns at UN Information Centre Nepal seemed quite nervous at 26 May – the day they made self-evaluation presentations. Started with presenting own learning processes of Microsoft Excel, useful tool at the office, it soon became a forum for addressing their daily tasks and working updates. Even though they looked quite nervous at first, soon they started to make presentations proficiently. 


This article is written in form of interview transcription for better, concrete understanding of readers.

Interviewees: UN Information Centre Nepal Interns – Bimbika Thapa, Sadikshya Raut, and Poonam Rauniyar.

Interviewer: UNV in Communications at UN Information Centre Nepal - Yujin Kim

Yujin: First of all, thank you very much for your presentations. It was a great opportunity for me learning what you are doing here and the working procedure of UN Digital Repository in Nepal.

Bimbika: Thank you for saying that. It was also great opportunity having my second presentation at United Nations. As I have already made presentation for UN before, the first one was the internship interview, felt much more comfortable while making another one. I am definitely learning a lot as being an intern at UN information Centre.

[Bimbika Thapa] 

Sadikshya: We still talk about the interview session sometimes. I remember every detail quite well actually. I am learning from every moment working here and hope to experience as much as possible.

Yujin: Could you tell your daily tasks once more?
Bimbika: As a content developer, we download documentations of UN Nepal, read them, and select hashtags to help people can find the information they want to get easily. Also, we upload contents we made at UN.INFO.NP.
Yujin: Is that means you have to read whole documents thoroughly to getting the main point and selecting hashtags?
Sadikshya: It is impossible to read all documents from start to end and does not need to. Instead, we are skimming documentations and figuring out the topic sentence. As selecting appreciate keywords – hashtags - for each documentation, people who visit UN.INFO.NP can find documentations they are looking for with their search words.

[Sadikshya Raut]

Poonam: We also write a summary per one document for uploading publications.
Sadikshya: Moreover, we sometimes help to organize events of UN Information Centre or other UN agencies, like IDAHOT event with UNAIDs a few weeks ago. We have learned trivial but important basics through the event such as the attitude or etiquette need to bring when making calls to embassies and ambassadors, greeting them in official UN events.

Yujin: Glad you appreciate your experiences at UN Information Centre. Then, what is the most difficult aspect working here?
Poonam: As already mentioned before by Bimbika and Sadikskya, I am happy working at this office. There are a lot of things to learn here. And I am happy learning those things every day as an intern of UN Information Centre.

[Poonam Rauniyar]

Bimbika: I think the most difficult thing is that UN expects us having ‘Professionalism’. We are so glad people in UN House respect us. I have heard there are a lot of offices interns actually cannot learn anything and get no respect while working with. Unlike those offices, UN Information Centre Nepal is a great place for interns. However, also I feel people at United Nations expecting interns already keeping professionalism and dedicated to work than any other workplaces. Sometimes it is hard for me because I still have to learn from my experiences. Nevertheless, I really enjoy working here with great people in flexible, comfortable environment.

Sadikshya: We, interns, always talk about how this office could be this peaceful and cooperative, and respecting each member. Every morning, I feel happy to come to the office.

Bimbika: We really glad be an intern here. Hope to have as many experiences as possible and learning many things while working at United Nations Information Centre.


UN Information Centre is the only UN office which offers the internship program to students who are attending bachelor or more in UN Nepal. 3-month internship program on content development, admin, software engineering, and research intern as UN intern will be the great opportunity for students who are interested working at United Nations. To get more information, please check http://un.info.np/Net/Blog/14


06.JUN.2017, Yujin Kim, UN Volunteer in Communications (yujin.kim@unic.org)


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