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Life changing experience at UNIC
3/24/2015 3:13:22 PM

I took off from my room on bike on 20th November, 2013 to participate and represent Himalaya College of Engineering in the internship oppurtunity at UN Information Centre, Pulchwok, Nepal. My transit was at my college. Every disaster is a transition. Every day of our life is a certain transition from one state to another, after which we change a little bit. For me, this experience was transition to a world full of responsibilities for myself, my family, my college, my country and the whole world.

I am usually an 'all or nothing' person but the internship made me learn about finding a sense of balance. Though I was tentative as to my place on the staff in the beginning. I chose to do an internship to get experience in my field of study. I am not sure what I want to do when I graduate so I thought some real experience would help solidify my future endeavors.

IT is a broad field of study. There is so much I can do with this degree. After doing this internship I found that I want to work more in technical sector than analytical and planning. I am an IT engineering an intern at the UNIC. I am an intern with knowledge Management Associates Mr.Rajendraman Banepali.My duties includes assisting with other non-technical backgrounds interns ,server monitoring, hardware monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, designing and entering data into website.

In this internship period, first and most foremost, I saw my director/coordinator Mr.Banepali as a role model and drew inspiration from him. He gave a lot of importance to precision and attention to details. Looking at him inspired me to be dedicated to whatever I am doing in life and do it well.Anotehr thing I am gaining sense of enthusiasm for what I am doing. Every day I am learning something new and interesting like; oral & written communication skills, visitor service skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills and organizational skills that would make me think. My knowledge increased and I gained insights that sparked ideas and questions in my mind. My biggest challenge is that I am the first intern of the knowledge Management Associates Assistant, and this is my first internship as well.

I would advice every student to do an internship. It is such a wonderful and valuable experience from class room to real world issues. It will definitely help them in deciding a carrier choice as well as getting experience in that carrier.

In summary, my experience in the UN internship has significantly changed the way I see the world, specially the highly IT world, the way I plan my career from now on and even how I live my daily life. Now I have a broader and more critical view on the IT related issues and I feel more confident to act in IT engineering aspects.

Finally the internship will prove to be great preparation for obtaining a goal of my life.

Thank You.

Narendra B. Bista 

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