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My Days At the United Nations
3/6/2015 4:35:31 PM

I am Anjana Sharma, a Bachelor’s in Arts in Social Work student. After joining the bachelors in social work I was precautious about the field visit and the internship but my happiness got amplified the very moment when I was informed about my selection in United Nations for the internship. I was encircled with thrilling pleasure and bit nervousness- a nervousness to engage in a new environment with new people. However there was nothing to worry about.

I had least knowledge about UNIC: where I had to spend my further three months, the three months that would provide me ample knowledge, new experiences and indeed new level of learning. After being familiar with the tasks I had to perform at UNIC, I was much delighted to know about the Knowledge Management Process.

My main job at UNIC is to create the metadata. I upload the files of UN and its agencies. I read the whole document and feed it accordingly that ensures ease of access to everyone around the world. It has also helped me to attain the information regarding the future working areas to provide the rainbow of happiness for all those people who are deprived from education, and information.

The internship in the UNIC has been the remarkable learning process that has given me splendor opportunity to know about the social problems existing in our society and the different measures taken to eliminate the evil problems to some extent through the feeding and uploading process. Indeed, the helpful working environment is also a prime factor for achieving a lifelong memory from UNIC. I feel very fortunate to be an intern at UN to learn more. After all the work, it was also a pleasure making new friends and spending time with them.

Anjana Sharma

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