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Technical Cooperation Programme - Terminal Report of the Project: Combating Citrus Decline Problems in Nepal
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Citrus is one of the most economically important fruit crops of Nepal which contributes about 37 and 32 percent of total production and area of fruit in Nepal. The existing citrus orchards are predominantly of seedling origin and plants coexist with various seasonal inter-crops. Citrus is inter-cropped with maize, millet, potato, mustard, etc. which is not desirable. Citrus being a surface feeder, inter-like mustard, potato and vegetables directly compete with citrus for moisture during dry months. Since topography is hilly, sustainable soil management and water conservation practices are also equally important. An average grower expects that the plants will establish themselves and bear fruit without much care. Therefore, citrus hardly get any special attention in terms of labor and material inputs.
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FAO ,   (2012 )
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