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This Report draws lessons from Nepal’s nearly one and half decades of experience with MDGs. It goes further and underscores the importance of decentralized governance, community mobilization, and targeted programs to achieve and sustain social targets—while offering solutions to ensure full employment and eliminate hunger in a sustained manner. The Report also delves into opportunities for economic growth and increasing trade to employment and wealth generation.
While highlighting the progress, the Report also raises alarm over certain critical issues, such as growing disparity and a high level of exclusion within Nepali society. It cautions on the vulnerability of the Nepali economy, including dependence on remittance. The Report calls for more investment in employment generating activities, including agriculture and tourism. In the run up to 2015, this Report offers a comprehensive look at Nepal’s efforts to meet the MDGs, and gaps that are likely to constrain further progress.
The report has two parts. The first assesses the change in the status of each goal and target, identifies constraints and challenges to meeting any remaining gaps, and suggests strategic interventions to strengthen efforts to achieve the MDGs by 2015. The second part reflects on and draws lessons from the entire MDG process right from its beginning in order to think beyond 2015 and identify priority areas for the next few decades.
The findings and recommendations of this report will help the National Planning Commission (NPC) both to frame a long-term development plan and to prepare the next three-year plan, which will replace the current one in July 2013.
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