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UN Women Nepal Strategic Note 2018-2022 [YouTube]
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[Abstract] - UN Women will advance its efforts in Nepal in accordance with its unique role and triple mandate (normative, operational and coordination) and lessons learned to “achieve gender equality and social inclusion and empower women and girls in Nepal to realize their human rights”. The Theory of Change for the UN Women Nepal Country Office (NCO) programme has been developed in line with the inclusive vision of the Constitution of Nepal and the Sustainable Development Goals.

[Video Quality] - 360p
[Video Location] - Nepal
[Content Rating] - [G]
[Duration] - 1:08
0:06 - Gender discrimination, equality and reform.
0:11 - Social institution, political support, and social inclusion strengthened.
0:30 - Vulnerable groups empowered and better enjoyment.
0:42 - Inclusive governance, non-discrimination, economic autonomy, decent work and violence free society.
0:54 - Direct improvements in women's economic and political influence.
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UN Women ,   (2018 )
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 UNWOMEN : Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women
14.01.00  -  Advancement Of Women
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