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Focus On Zero Hunger: SDG2/Nepal (Episode 4) [Youtube]

[Source URL]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYJLoK-hSjU
[Abstract]- A WFP team has trekked into the Himalayas to unfurl a flag representing the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger, as part of an international effort to bring the global goals to the world’s attention. WFP’s flag-bearer Nimdoma Sherpa climbed 2,000 metres and overcame rain, fog, rough trails and steep ascents to reach the village of Kerauja, in Gorkha district. As a child, Nimdoma received WFP school meals and at the age of 17, in 2008, she became the then-youngest woman to summit Mount Everest. Now, Nimdoma is using her climbing expertise to help WFP reach villages affected by the April earthquake. She was accompanied on this trip by a train of mules bringing rice as part of the recovery effort.
[Video Quality]- 1080p
[Video Location]- Gorkha (Kerauja Village)
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[Duration]- 1:23
0:07- On September 25, the UN declared 17 Global Goals
0:12- Goal 2- Zero Hunger, End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Promote Sustainable Agriculture
0:27- A load of food was transported by Mule
0:32- Nimdoma Sherpa: Youngest women to climb Mount Everest, now working with WFP after the April Earthquake
WFP ,   (2015 )
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 WFP : Food and Emergency humanitarian logistict support
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