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Kamal BK, Udayapur: Now I am regretting [Youtube]

Abstract : This documentary was produced as a part of New Girl Summit 2016 organized by the Government of Nepal with support of DFID and UNICEF. The main character, Kamal Bk, is a participant of the programme provided by the world vision.

Duration : 00:03:38

Location : Udayapur

Time and topic of scene :
00:00:00 - Start
00:00:46 - Kamal's story
00:02:15 - Rita, Kamal's wife sharing her experience of labor for the first time at an early.
00:02:57 - Kamal saying he now realizes his mistake of getting married ata an early age.
00:03:38 - End

Content Rating - [U]

Video Quality - 144p to 1080pHD

Audio Quality - High

URL - https://youtu.be/DKZi23SIuAU

UNICEF Nepal ,   (2016 )
Type / Script:
Video-Media in Nepali - नेपाली
Thematic Group:
 UNICEF : Children Fund
08.01.00  -  Population Dynamics
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