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The Road to Recovery - Cash transfers as an emergency response and a catalyst to enhance the social protection system in Nepal
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UNICEF has worked closely with the Government of Nepal and other international and
local partners on a large-scale emergency response operation including actions for immediate relief and early recovery. As part of this assistance, UNICEF has
supported the government to provide an emergency top-up cash transfer to beneficiaries of the existing social assistance programmes for vulnerable groups in the 19 most severely affected districts. As well as providing immediate relief to those affected by the earthquakes, the US$15 million programme provides an opportunity to strengthen and progressively scale-up the Child Grant (a regular government social transfer programme), reinforce the building blocks of an integrated social protection system, and help develop a model for social transfers that works in both regular development and emergency contexts.

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GoN, UNICEF ,   (2016 )
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14.05.04  -  Welfare And Social Services
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