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Leaving No One Behind (TA3.07) SAE Method Training Workshop: Combining Data Sources to Generate Small Area Estimates for Family Planning
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The purpose of developing a Small Area Estimation (SAE) method is to better identify the areas where the need for family planning support are the greatest, in order to geographically target investment to enhance family planning.
UNFPA aims to strengthen the national capacity for production and dissemination of quality disaggregated data on population and development issues that allow for mapping of demographic disparities and social and economic inequalities, and for programming in humanitarian settings.
One of the challenges for data utilization is estimation of key family planning indicators at lower administrative level, which is critical to decision making process. Most of the data used for contraceptive dynamics analysis, in the developing world, is collected via household surveys. However, sample limitations allows for data disaggregation only for regional level and in few cases at the provincial/state level.
UNFPA ,   (2017 )
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