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Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme to Address Equity, Social Determinants,Gender and Human Rights in Nepal- Report of the Pilot Project
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During the last quarter of 2015, a review was conducted to ascertain how the national Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Programme of Nepal could better address equity, gender, human rights and social determinants of health, hence working to ensure that “no adolescent is left behind”. This review was led by the Family Health Division of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) of Nepal, with support from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Health Research and Social Development Forum (HERD), and in conjunction with other members of an interdisciplinary review team. This report is a description of the review team’s analysis, which applied a review methodology that has the following steps - complete a diagnostic checklist of the programme that serves as a baseline for the programme upon which all subsequent analysis is built,
€map the theory of the programme, including key stages, outputs and impacts,
€€identify the sub-populations that are being missed or benefiting less from the programme, and prioritize one sub-population for further analysis, describe the barriers and facilitating factors experienced by the prioritized sub-population, identify the mechanisms (including structural and intermediate determinants) driving the inequities experienced by the prioritized sub-population;consider how intersectoral action and social participation could help address the barriers experienced by the sub-population and their causes, identify priorities for redesign of the programme to better tackle issues related to equity, gender, human rights and social determinants of health and formulate suggestions for how the ongoing review, monitoring and evaluation cycles of the programme can help ensure that no one is left behind.

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MoH, WHO ,   (2017 )
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