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Local Capacity Development Investments for MDG Localization in Nepal
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Nepal has undergone significant political change in the recent years. The election of the Constituent Assembly has been completed and the country has been declared a Republic state by demolishing the history of a Kingdom which remained in power for 240 years. This shift has not only changed the political structure of the country but also raised aspirations of all segments of the population for a better life. In particular, the Janajatis, Dalits, Madhesis and Muslims, including women, who were often excluded from development opportunities in the past, are increasingly required to be integrated into the new development mainstream. Accordingly, national development plans have emphasized their greater participatory roles. Nepal follows a post-conflict development strategy, which demands recovery of the lost opportunities of the past1 and an addressing of the challenges of achieving the MDG targets by 2015. These efforts aim to ensure access of the Nepalese people to the post- conflict peace dividends and also lay foundations for socio-economic transformation of the disadvantaged groups for a prosperous Nepal envisaged under the recent political changes.
UNDP ,   (2008 )
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01.01.00  -  Political Conditions, Institutions, Movements
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