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Implementation in Asia and the Pacific of the Brussels Program of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2001-2010: progress made, obstacles encountered and the way forward Nepal
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Economic development is a daunting task in Nepal, given its limited resource endowment, its landlocked location and the rugged terrain and with its underdeveloped economic and social infrastructure. The economic development efforts of more than four decades, starting from the first economic development plan started in 1956, have yielded an average growth of around four per cent per annum which, if discounted by the population growth rate of about 2.3 per cent during the same period, gives a per capita income growth of less than two per cent per annum. Growth in the services sub sector may be a relatively higher, but it basically depicts a poor development particularly when the two neighboring countries are galloping ahead with high growth rates.

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मीनाम सम्बीढान भीटीरीक् ठोर्रइ लेचकूङ लोयाट्् नेपालाङ पट्टको मोलÞ क्म सम्बीढान खास्च कीटाप-छ्योट् सङ्ख्या - ७
नव संविधानअर्न्तर्गत अल्पसंख्यकक अधिकार नेपालमे सहभागितामूलक संविधान निर्माण पुस्तिका शृंखला संख्या - ७
छार् हयुल्ठिम्रि अल्पससङ्ख्यकला याङ्ताम्ताम् नेपाल्रि मोक्कोन् हयुल्बासे बोकिन्सि हयुल्ठिम् सोबा गे डाङ् - ७
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