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Population Ageing in East and South- East Asia: Current Situation and Emerging Challenges
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“Population ageing”, defined as the increasing proportion of older persons. in the total population, has come to dominate the demographic scenario in most developing countries. While until the closing decades of the twentieth century population ageing was largely a phenomenon affecting the developed countries, many developing countries entered the twenty-first century faced with the prospects of substantial increments in the proportion and number of older persons.
Population ageing in the developing countries is projected to progress at a much faster pace than it did in the developed countries, which “aged” more gradually. 2 Moreover, the developing countries are set to age at much lower levels of economic development than the developed countries. As a result the process of population ageing will have a far more pronounced impact in the developing countries in years to come than it did in the developed countries.
This paper analyses the situation of population ageing in the East and South-East Asia Region (ESEAR) It provides evidence on the fast pace of ageing and its demographic impact, throws light on the characteristics of the older population and discusses the likely implications of the situation as it evolves during the next five decades.
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UNFPA ,   (2006 )
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