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The Use Of Remittances And Financial Inclusion
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There is a direct correlation between financial exclusion and poverty. An estimated two billion or 38 per cent of working-age adults globally have no access to financial services delivered by regulated financial institutions, with 73 per cent of poor people unbanked. Among the financially excluded are migrant workers and their families in their home countries. In 2015, it is expected that these workers will send USD500 billion home, representing a key international flow of funds. However, the economic potential of these funds is largely untapped due to the inadequate engagement of the financial sector to the specific needs of migrants and their families.
Through a better understanding of this group and their needs, remittance flows could be leveraged to pull people out of poverty, to develop home countries’ economic infrastructure and to provide additional revenue streams for the financial sector. Whether through remittances, savings or investment, migrant workers possess a powerful set of instruments to change their own lives and the lives of those back home.
IFAD, WB ,   (2015 )
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