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Let me start the first edition of 2014 ILO Nepal Newsletter by sharing some of the work we do with our tripartite constituents. We have been working hand-in- hand with the Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE), in the design and implementation of action-oriented policies and programmes to enhance the creation of decent work opportunities for the Nepalese labour force. Examples of this partnership are presented in this Newsletter. The joint work with employers’ (FNCCI) and workers’ organizations (GEFONT, NTUC-I, and ANTUF) has improved social dialogue and industrial relations and mainstreamed key issues such as gender equality and child labour elimination. The social partners helped the ILO conduct all planned activities and the ILO helped them build their capacity to deliver services to their members, while giving them room for absolute leadership and full management responsibilities. This approach promotes sustainability and
transparency and credibility of these organizations. A significant part of the ILO’s work has been developing the national knowledge on the ILO Conventions not yet ratified by Nepal,such as Conventions on Freedom of Association, Equal Remuneration, Social Security,and Home-Based Workers.
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