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UN Security Council Statement Expresses Concern At Current Political Crisis In Nepal
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The Security Council today expressed its concern over the current political crisis in Nepal and underscored the urgent need for the Nepalese Government and all political parties to continue to work together in the spirit of compromise. In a statement read by Council President Vitaly Churkin (Russian Federation) at the end of today’s debate on the situation in Nepal, the Council, noting the steps taken so far to implement the peace process, reaffirmed its full support for that process and the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), and called upon the Government of Nepal to continue to make the necessary decisions to create conditions conducive for completing UNMIN’s activities by the end of the current mandate [23 July], including through the work of the Special and Technical Committees for supervision, integration and rehabilitation of Maoist army combatants. Recalling the Government’s commitment to discharge minors from the cantonment sites, the
Council called upon it to implement that commitment in accordance with international law.
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