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2014 Annual Results Report: Social Inclusion
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UNICEF work on social inclusion on behalf of the poorest and most marginalized children to assist countries in understanding the patterns and drivers of child poverty and exclusion and in developing effective responses. While each UNICEF sectoral area strives to reach the poorest children and to combat discrimination, complementary interventions are needed because the origins and potential responses to poverty and social marginalization often lie beyond the scope of any single sector.Despite the growing global consensus about its negative impact, child poverty remains alarmingly high. More than one third of the extremely poor are under age 13, and in low-income countries, half of all children live in extreme poverty. Well-designed social protection systems have a proven positive impact on child poverty and well-being, but coverage is still low. When in place, social protection
systems can also be a critical lynchpin and timesaver when mounting a humanitarian response. Children are rarely prioritized when decisions are made about the use of public funds, yet this is essential for tackling multidimensional child poverty. In many countries local governments are increasingly responsible for service delivery, and yet lack capacity to consult their constituencies and plan, budget and monitor services in ways that respond to the needs of the most deprived children and women. Fighting discrimination also requires concerted efforts to translate human rights commitments into effective action, promote accountability and monitor progress – working with social movements and communities to counter and eliminate bias children may face.
UNICEF ,   (2014 )
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14.05.01  -  Social Science Disciplines And Methodologies
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