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An assessment of the implementation of the tenth plan (PRSP Preview 2005/06)
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Ever since the introduction of the PRSP, the government has been making its best efforts to reduce poverty and achieve both social and economic development.In order to measure the progress thus attained, by using data and information related with the intermediate indicators from the MIS of the sectoral agencies,the government has been continuously monitoring the progress. Where possible,data and information from household surveys serve as the basis for measuring the outcome of the development efforts. In this context, this fourth progress report has been prepared. However, due to the absence of disaggregated data in terms of gender, ethnicity and disadvantaged community, the progress made in this respect has been difficult to report. Hence, efforts to this effect will be made in future publications.As per the findings of this report, the results of the progress achieved have been mixed. Until mid 2006, due to the prolonged conflict, it was still difficult to carry out development activities in areas outside Kathmandu. However, after the re-instatement of the democratic government, supported by the cease-fire and accompanied by peace agreements and developments in the political sphere,the development activities have resumed.The results of the second Nepal Living Standards Survey, made public in late 2005, indicated a significant fall in poverty. Furthermore, significant reductions in infant mortality, child death and fertility rate, as indicated by the provisional findings of the Nepal Demographic and Health Survey 2006, have given further impetus for ensuring sustenance of the development attained so far.While these indicators point out areas where the country can expect positive developments, there are other areas where the nation has to make concerted efforts to ensure a satisfactory level of development. This progress report has come at a time when the country is preparing a three-year plan with a perspective for a new Nepal.
UNESCO ,   (2007 )
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